Monday, August 15, 2011

Robert's Heirloom Rosaries- Rosary Of St. Catherine Laboure

This is the Rosary of St. Catherine Laboure, Heirloom Quality

Construction and facts about your 5 decade Rosary: This Rosary is 32 1/2 inches in length.

The Pater Nosters are 14 MM Hand Painted Blue Rose Tensha.The Aves are 8 MM and are 100% natural Blue Coral. Connectors are sterling silver and 6 MM Swavorski Crystal.

The Rosary Center is double-sided- on one side is the portrait Of Saint Catherine Laboure and on the other side is the original of the Miraculous Medal of The Virgin Mary. It is just stunning! The ornate very beautiful Crucifix adds the final touches to this beautiful sacramental.

This rosary is very elegant!

All components are .925 Solid Sterling Silver. Argenium wire wraps this devotional item. The rosary center and crucifix are antique pieces that have been recast in silver so we can continue to see and use these pieces of past centuries.Click here for additional photos.

History of St. Catherine Laboure:

Catherine stated that on the morning of July 18, 1830, she woke up after hearing the voice of a child calling her to the chapel, where she heard the Virgin Mary say to her, "God wishes to charge you with a mission. You will be contradicted, but do not fear; you will have the grace to do what is necessary. Tell your spiritual director all that passes within you. Times are evil in France and in the world."
On November 27, 1830, Catherine reported that the Blessed Mother returned during evening meditations. She displayed herself inside an oval frame, standing upon a globe, wearing many rings of different colors, most of which shone rays of light over the globe. Around the margin of the frame appeared the words "O Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee." As Catherine watched, the frame seemed to rotate, showing a circle of twelve stars, a large letter M surmounted by a cross, and the stylized Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary underneath. Asked why some of her rings did not shed light, Mary reportedly replied "Those are the graces for which people forget to ask." Catherine then heard Mary ask her to take these images to her father confessor, telling him that they should be put on medallions. "All who wear them will receive great graces."
Catherine did so, and after two years' worth of investigation and observation of Catherine's normal daily behavior, the priest took the information to his archbishop without revealing Catherine's identity. The request was approved and medallions began to be produced. They proved to be exceedingly popular. The dogma of the Immaculate Conception had not yet been officially promulgated, but the medal with its "conceived without sin" slogan was influential in popular approval of the idea. Pope John Paul II used a slight variation of the reverse image as his coat of arms, a plain cross with an M in the lower right quadrant of the shield.

This is considered an “unbreakable rosary.” -as each bead is individually wire wrapped and should never come apart. However- dropping it on a hard surface may crack the beads. You should always take great care of this sacramental.

Be sure and have it blessed by one of your parish priests.

Care and cleaning- clean the stones with a damp soft cloth. Never use any type of cleaning fluids or pastes on the stone beads- the stones are porous and will absorb the cleaning material. It is non-reversible. The medals being made of sterling silver will tarnish and can be cleaned with any good sterling silver cleaning product- but take care not to get the cleaning fluids on the beads. I hope you enjoy praying it as much as I enjoyed designing and building it.

God Bless You and your loved ones.

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  1. This rosary is outstanding. It's so beautiful and with my patron saint too. I love the crucifix, center (where did you get it please?), Paters, and aves. And you used Argentium wire with your intricate wire loop. Wow! Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Center and crucifix were purchased from Equatoria.