Monday, January 17, 2011

Monday Meet and Greet


Hi, My name is Wynema. I was born and raised on the South Texas coast and currently live about 40 miles North East of Dallas.
I am a stay at home Mom or rather prefer to be called a Domestic Engineer and have four beautiful busy kids and a very loving supportive husband.

I have always been a very crafty person from as far back as I can remember. My Mom is too so I 'm pretty sure I got it from her. I first started dabbling in beads the summer of 2006 while we were staying with some family waiting for our new home to be finished. While packing I found some jewelry tools and a few beads my husband had purchased eons ago that he thought he might use to make a rosary, needless to say he never touched them. So being incredibly bored and in another person's home. I decided to try out these jewelry tools and just see what I could do with them. I used the supplies my husband had stored and made my very first rosary. I could see I needed some practice and found beading to be so relaxing and some what addicting that I have never stopped. Friends and Family members started asking me to make things for them and offering to buy pieces too. Then I discovered Etsy and decided it was the perfect place for me to open a shop.

Right now I bead whenever I get a few spare moments as you can imagine four kids can keep you pretty busy. I see myself eventually doing my beading business full time in the future, sometime after my youngest starts school.

I always have new ideas pop up in my head and have started writing them down so I don't forget them.

I will say that the most special piece that I have made was that very first rosary I made and I gave it to my husband. I look at it and can see how far I've come since then and how much I have learned and am still learning.

Why should someone buy my piece over a store bought piece? Handmade items are much better quality than store bought factory made stuff, and I personally prefer the personal touches and one of a kind uniqueness that each handmade with love piece has.I also offer a money back guarantee to my customers if they are not 110% happy with their purchase I will refund their money! I want them to enjoy the piece they purchase as much as I love making it!! =)

Thank you and God Bless,

Wynema Brogdon

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