Monday, January 3, 2011

January Blog Give Away

Its time for a new blog give away which what could be better for jewelry makers and rosary creators then beads. Of course the beads are enough for the Ave Maria Beads for a rosary which is 53 beads. The beads are transparent blue with confeti markings on the beads.

So here are the rules to the new give away

1) Pick one of the shops listed on the blog
2) Choose 2 of your favorite items in the shop you selected from the list on the blog
3) Copy the link of the items you have choosen
4) Post the link to the items you have choosen on the comments section of this post
5) Explain why you like the items you have choosen
6) Post your etsy shop so I know you you are
7) You may enter 2 entries only

Good Luck everyone


  1. There's something about green cat's eye that is just so appealing. And this piece pulls it off very well. It is great in terms of proportions used, too.

    This particular chaplet really sets a calming modd of reverence with its soothing and cool blue color. The center is also very decorative and reflective of its design.

  2. Almost forgot my shop: