Sunday, November 20, 2011

Robert's Heirloom Rosaries- SOLID COPPER- Rosary Of The Sacred Heart Of Mary

Hello Friends, This is only the second sacramental I have made in "solid Copper". A few years back I designed the Chaplet of Mercy and Forgiveness in solid Copper. I happened at that time to find a solid copper crucifix and rosary center. Since that time and only till recently have I had the opportunity to come across such items as copper crucifixes and centers.

My good friend Kate of Native Hills Rosaries out of Texas has begun to cast her own items. She is casting in sterling, white bronze, bronze and copper. When I saw some of her newly casted items for sale I just had to purchase a few. I have been collecting copper beads, bead caps, findings, etc.. made of solid copper and just waiting for someone to begin offering centers, medals and crucifixes in copper.

Here is my first rosary in copper. Kate casted the beautiful St. Benedict crucifix and the Sacred Heart Of Mary Rosary Center. The Pater Nosters are a gorgeous Lampwork and the Aves are natural Russ Amazonite in 8 MM.

When the new pieces arrived in the mail I couldn't wait to get started on my new copper sacramental. I hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

If you have the opportunity you may want to take the pictoral tour of my unbreakable heirloom rosaries/chaplets, click here

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  1. The copper looks so beautiful against the beads you chose. I was lucky enough to receive a rosary/necklace from Native Hills today (one of her affordable collection = it's still beautiful). Robert, as always, your work is superb.