Monday, October 10, 2011

The New Mass Translation- ASK A PRIEST


(Taken from the Sunday Bulletin)

Father- will the new translation of the Mass have more inclusive language?

Yes and No. Inclusive language is a popular principle in the translation of texts that attempts to eliminate possibly offensive or sexist language. Mainly it attempts to remove masculine and feminine pronouns in favor of more neuteral language. An example would be in reference to God.; traditionally, we would use the pronoun :He". A modern tendency is simply to use the word "God".

Because of the desire for the Mass texts to remain faithful to the Latin originals, some of the ways that we address God will also changed. Many of the prayers currently begin with the word "Father"; the Latin, however, does not use the word "Pater" but "Deus" instead. The concept of fatherhood is present in the latter word, but it simply isn't an accurate translation.; so many of the retranslations fix that problem and simply translate "Deus" as "God".

It seems to me that many of the inclusion issues will be solved with the use of the up-dated texts.

Fr. David
St. Joseph Parish, Battle Creek, Michigan

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