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Exactly What Is a Chaplet?

Exactly What is a Chaplet?

The term Chaplet is used commonly to designate Roman Catholic prayer forms which use prayer beads, but are not necessarily related to the Rosary. Some of these chaplets have a strong Marian connotation, others are more directly related to Jesus or the Saints. Chaplets are considered "personal devotionals," and there is no set form and therefore they vary considerably. While the usual five decade rosary may be referred to as a chaplet, often chaplets have fewer beads than a traditional rosary and a different set of prayers.

Common Chaplets include:

· Chaplet of Divine Mercy, using ordinary rosary beads of five decades.

There exists a renewed interest in various forms of the Rosary which in fact have little to do with the classical rosary prayer itself. The term used commonly to designate these prayer forms is chaplet, probably because of their use of the beads. Some of these chaplets have a strong Marian connotation, others are more directly related to some saints. Not all of these variants of the authentic rosary are based on solid theology and devotional practice.

There are many beautiful and very powerful chaplets that can be prayed for different groups of people or occasions. Generally they are prayed on a full set of Rosary beads and all can be prayed on a set of just ten prayers beads.

There is something very special about praying a chaplet in a group, no matter how small. Remember Jesus telling us that whever two or more are gathered in His name He is there with us also. Comforting isn't it? Here's another thought to comfort us too. We all have a guardian angel, appointed to us at the moment of our conception and every time we pray we are actually praying in the company of our guardian angel! So we are never alone in prayer.

Example: Enclosed picture, Chaplet Of The Precious Blood

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