Friday, October 1, 2010

New Give Away

So our first give away did not see very many responses so I had to come up with some other interested so I thought I would give away beads and rosary parts.

So here are the rules to the new give away

1) Pick one of the shops listed on the blog
2) Choose 2 of your favorite items in the shop you selected from the list on the blog
3) Copy the link of the items you have choosen
4) Post the link to the items you have choosen on the comments section of this post
5) Explain why you like the items you have choosen
6) Post your etsy shop so I know you you are
7) You may enter 2 entries only

This months winner will recieve a set of 53 loose beads and 1 rosary center!


  1. This is a giveaway entry from secondarycreations:

    Two items from SpiritualArt that I love: -- On this rosary, the interplay between the turquoise and the silver is beautiful. The bead caps on the silver beads adds a special touch. -- Ever see a rosary that makes you say, "Ooo... wish I'd made that!" The coordinating color of the pearls, the trim on the cloisonne heart beads, and the little accent beads is fabulous.

  2. I ( have taken a fancy to Prairie Star Jewels.

    My first choice is:
    It is a beautiful depiction of symetry in nature.

    My second choice is:
    It is a lovely mix of color that boasts a feel for love to the person receiving it.