Monday, September 27, 2010

Team Treasury Challenge #1 Halloween and Pilgrims

Hi everyone and welcome to the Prayers On A Wire Etsy Team new treasury challenge! Challenges are great because they not only allow us to promote on another, but it also allows us to stretch our creativity a bit and have some fun!

The theme for the challenge will be Halloween and Pilgrims. Pick items that say Halloween or inspire you in the spirit of thanksgiving! Here are the rules!

1. You may have no more than 3 treasuries to enter into the contest
2. The treasuries have to be posted in the forum by October 31st
3. You may include only one of your items in each of the treasuries
4. You must include 2 items from other team members in your treasuries
5. Items do not only have to do with beading or jewelry making
6. You must tag your treasuries with the team tag “prayersonawireteam”
7. You must put “prayer team challenge” in the name

Prizes for the winner will be a month promotion on the team blog and have the first 4 slots of team treasury for a month.

Please post your link to your tresuries on the same forum as the Fall Contest entries thank you.

Don't know how to create a treasury no problem here is a website that has detailed instructions

Have fun making these treasuries! And feel free to be as creative as you want with the theme!
If you have any questions please convo me

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