Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ladder Rosary Instruction shared by Milo from MSMCreations

You will need about two 46-inch lengths of beading wire for the decade strand, and two 8-inch strands for the cross strand. My rosary uses a 1½" X 1" cross and the center is 1¼" X 1".

I start with the decade strand. I crimp one end from each length I've cut to the same eyelet on the center. I start with two or three seed beads (mine are size 10/0, I believe) on each length. Now, on one length, I place my first Hail Mary bead (mine are 5mm glass pearls on the blue one I made. Then I string the other length through the first one with the Hail Mary bead, forming an "X" design. The lengths are now criss-crossed. Now, all I do is place another two seed beads on each length and another Hail Mary bead on one, and follow the same process all the way through. I pull snugly after each prayer bead, and keep track of my bead counts. Then I secure the ends of each length to the center when I am done beading the entire strand.

After that, I bead the crucifix strand securing to either the cross or the center, and finishing with the other. And I am done.

I hope the pics are good enough, and that my explanation is just as good. Looks like I will need to send the pics one at a time. There are five total.

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