Sunday, August 8, 2010

Monday Meet and Greet

Hello Everyone! My name is Melissa Freeman and I am the proud co-owner of Freeman Crafts & Fabrics. I currently live with Jesse aka mmg10 in our bedroom. It’s my sanctuary from the world. I grew up in Florida and still live here today. Over time we may have moved one town over at a time then back again but always lived in the same area in north east Florida. I started making cheap plastic bracelets in college for fundraisers. I was addicted then. That stopped for awhile until a little while after Jesse and I were married. (March 7, 2009) Since he is Catholic and I am not defined I got to learn about rosaries. So then we got the brilliant idea to make our own. I made the first bunch then showed Jesse how I managed to make them. I must admit I started the crackle bead obsession. After Jesse got the rosary making down pact I bought some different stone and agate pendants to make necklaces. Needless to say I buy the supplies and Jesse makes the actual items. LOL! I’ve really gotten into making earrings lately. Jesse gave me all the crap beads and so I’m trying to make treasures out of what he gave me instead of selling it all de-stash. I’m hoping that someday a piece of jewelry will sell in our shop. We have a wide variety to choose from but no jewelry sales. The one shown was sold to his mom. I mainly focus on crochet. Crochet is my thing! I’ve also had crochet items sell! Jesse doesn’t like that though. (hehehe) I just started my own crochet team called “Crochet Dreamers Etsy Team” and we are already at 33 people in 3 days! So exciting! But that’s enough about me. The End!

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