Monday, August 2, 2010

Monday Meet and Greet

Milo Sanchez Magnusson
Current Residence: Buckeye, AZ since July of 2008
Home of Origin: San Dimas, CA, until 1993
Home of Raging Waters and Puddingstone Lake
Family: Loving wife, Maria Sons, Matin, Aaron, and Kael Daughter, Crystal

How did you get started making rosaries?I started making rosaries as a means to set off my creative juices and hopefully find an extra source of income. My daughter came home with one she made, and I thought I could make one at least as nice. Since then I have been trying to be more and more creative with my work. Where do you see your rosary business going?I have only just begun, and have not seen a rosary sale, though I have sold another item. I think there is a place for me and what I make. I believe perseverance and constantly evolving my products will convert more and more sales. Hopefully sooner than later. Are there any new things you'd like to make?I would very much like to start using more glass bead types, and eventually move into semiprecious and precious stones. Real silver and gold would be nice to use with any new jewelery items. Share a special rosary story of one that you sold/gave away:I gave the first rosary I made to my daughter as a gift. She keeps it at her bedside. I would have to say it is my favorite. Give one reason why someone should buy your handmade rosary over a rosary purchased in a store.I only use quality materials, and each piece is worked in detail for its completion not with its price as a goal. I will never limit myself to plastic as a source material.

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