Sunday, August 29, 2010

Colors of the Ocean Summer Contest Winners

As the Team Leader of Prayers on a Wire Etsy Team I am happy to annouce the winners of our 3 month summer contest Colors of the Ocean.

I would like to start with 3rd place first and our winner coming in with 139 votes Melissa from Freeman Crafts and Fabrics.

Our 2nd place winner is Maren from HiloBeads coming in with 168 votes.

Our 1st Place winner is Jesse from Freeman Crafts and Fabrics coming in with 175 votes.

We had a total of 628 votes!

I would like to thank everyone who submitted an entry in the contest and hope that you will submit an entry in our Fall Contest A trip to the pumpkin patch-Fall Colors.

The Prizes are as follows

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

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