Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer Contest-Colors of the Ocean

So I am opening another poll about the Summer Contest... I know its kinda early but I wanted to drive right in and see us have some fun... So the contest for summer is entitled Colors of the Ocean.. For rosary makers please make rosary that has something to do with the color of the ocean.. For jewelry makers on the team make any piece of jewelry that has do with the color of the ocean... For bead suppliers and sellers you will be included in this with your own category of submitting a listing to us with beads that have something to do with the color of the ocean.. So the 3 category and voting poll will be for Rosary, Jewelry, and Bead sellers Please only send me one item per person. Please cast your vote if this alright to go ahead and have the contest.. Please have all items in to by August 10th this way I can open the voting poll on the 11th of August... There will be a prize winner from each category... Please stay tune for the prizes.. When I say items into me just send me a link to the item... Please list it as the contest entry.. I am posting this on the blog as well.. I hope this is not to overwhelming because it is meant to be fun..


  1. I'm going to be concentrating on the "Christmas in July" sale for the next month or so, but if we have until August 10, that will be fine.

  2. June, July, August = Summer Contest
    He figured ending it the 10th so that way we have time for everyone to vote and then send out prizes before September starts the Fall contest.

  3. Should this be an Etsy listing, or can it be anywhere? What if I e.g. list mine on Etsy now and it sells?

  4. OK, it's here: